last modified: 27 Aug 2010
page manager: Deb Webb

Welcome to Professor Deb's web page. Professor Deb is Deborah Webb. She has worked in the mortgage industry for over thirty years. Her resume includes every aspect of the mortgage industry.
This website is here for many reasons. Professor Deb wishes to get the most comprehensive information to the consumer and the industry. Please enjoy all of the information available to you on this site. We hope it educates the curious mind.  You will able to access quite a bit of information.

For Consumers, find out about grant programs for first time home buyers, credit scoring and it's benefits, state bond monies, FHA, VA, loan products, and so much more information.

For Real Estate Professionals, these pages will give you information on reaching customers and what you need to do to be compliant.

Deborah Webb originates mortgages. She is a licensed Mortgage Originator in Pennsylvania.  NMLS#138995.
For more information, please e-mail Debbie at ProfessorDeb@comcast.net.

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